Who’s calling you?

5:30 this morning I woke up to, “Who’s calling you?” Having a week off from school,  I hadn’t had to set my alarm and was out of habit waking up to it. Curtis was confused about who the heck was calling me at 5:30. I unwillingly rolled out of bed, got ready, packed my breakfast, took the puppy out (who by the way is feeling way better), kissed the hubs goodbye, and headed out at about 6:00. Yes, I was quick this morning. I had a lot to do after being off all week, including decorating my classroom for Christmas. I was really glad to get back on a schedule. I had a quick breakfast of greek yogurt and 1/4 c of oatmeal, a snack of some mixed berries and fiber one, and my regular lunch.

Turkey sammy on sanwich thin, mixed cheddar and bbq popchips and a banana. This afternoon after a long and exhausting day with fourth graders, I started the couch to 5K program. I am not a couch potato whatsoever. I am more of an elliptical girl, so running does not come naturally to me. I decided that maybe this program will help me become a runner. I sure hope so. I would like to be able to one day call myself one. Has anyone else had success with the program? Well the hubs is in the kitchen starting his dinner, it’s free for night in our household…so I best go start mine.  I will leave you with a healthy happy puppy!!


Shop Eat Shop Clean

These three words explain what I have done since Thanksgiving. Thursday…we spent lunch time with the grandparent in laws on my FIL’s side…then dinner with the MIL’s side. I ate my 120 lbs plus some in food that day. I was beyond stuffed when we got home…which is why you don’t see pictures!! We didn’t get home until about 10:00 Thursday night which exceeds my bedtime, so I called my mother to let her know 5 AM shopping was not in the cards. Her and my sister ended up coming to pick me up at 8:15 so we missed the big sales, I did pick up a few things. Lunch Friday was at On the Border…so as you can guess, that was not the healthiest meal ever. We have also had a sick puppy again for the last couple of days…Curtis is taking her to the vet in the morning so hopefully we can get it straightened out. Well, I have to go get ready to head back to school for another 3 weeks until our Christmas break…my week this week was toooooo short, so I am very much already looking forward to it. Have a relaxing Sunday night!!

Sick Turkey

Well this morning I woke up to a less than pretty sight. Our 14 week old Dorkie is “sick as a dog.” Poor thing, went to the bathroom all over her crate and then has been laying in her bed all morning. I feel really sorry for her. I read online to give her a little bit of canned pumpkin. I hope that makes her feel better. I mean, I don’t like giving away my pumpkin, so it better;-)

Little Miss Nellie…worst picture of me ever. This is when she was feeling great though, ready to have my playful puppy back! Well today is another lazy day, I am still in my pjs as I type this. We are heading out for cupcakes and to watch a movie in a bit!! Hope you all have a great pre-Thanksgiving day!!

Back on track

Well, it’s been quite a while. Since I have last logged in, I have gotten married, honeymooned, gotten back to work as a 4th grade teacher, and am now on Thanksgiving break. Time flies when you are having fun, or so they say.  Well, I need to get back on track. Today, two days before T-Day is probably not the best idea, but you know what? I will enjoy Thanksgiving then knowing that right now I am planning to get back on track…I WILL HAVE TO. Things have just been crazy since the wedding, I got a new class of kiddos, and oh boy it is a challenging one. I have some issues that I have not had to deal with in my past two years of teaching, so it is a learning experience for me for sure. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who encourages me to get up in the mornings, because some mornings, it has definitely been tough.  I work at least 10 hours a day and am so tired from chasing students around, that my workouts have gone MIA…so back on track it is. I hope you will all be here to hold me accountable…thanks for listening to me gab on and on! Time to work on supper…see ya’ll later!

Solo Movie Night

After laying out for a couple of hours and finishing my book I felt as if I needed to be productive. Therefore, I got on the elliptical and did an hour long pretty intense workout (even while watching the Real Houswives of New Jersey). I was definately a sweaty mess so I jumped in the shower then decided to make some dinner. I had 4 oz. grilled chicken, some asparagus, and a small sweet potato. I usually just grab something when I have a solo dinner night but I was craving this dinner tonight and it was just perfect.

Now it’s off to enjoy Brothers alone, then hit the hay early!! Have a great Saturday night!

Late Lunch

This morning/early afternoon was spent running errands around town. The errands included going to the Wal-Mart for groceries…it was a mad house. I got in and out as quickly as possible and THINK I got everything I needed, if not it can wait a few days. I also stopped by the RedBox to rent a movie to watch tonight, I rented Brothers, has anyone seen it? If so what’d ya think? Finally around 2:15 I had a late lunch. I had an egg white sandwich on a sandwich thin and cheddar PopChips…quick and easy which was good because I was startivng by this time.

The rest of the afternoon, I plan to lay out in the warm Texas sun and relax reading LA Candy. I need to work on wedding stuff, but it can wait, I want to enjoy this beautiful weather while I can:-) Hope you are having a great afternoon!

Ok for real this time

The last couple of days have been busy busy. The fiance left to go save the world  to Alabama to help clean up the oil on the coastline. Which means eating every meal by myself. So sad, but that also means I have total control…usually! Yesterday my momma, future mother in law, and I went off to shop for centerpiece ideas, tablecloths, ringpillow, flower girl baseket, and all those goodies for the wedding. No eating pics because the moms aren’t too keen on the blog. Oh well, today, Saturday morning, Curtis called before he headed out to work at 7:00!! IT IS SATURDAY. That being said, I got up and checked my facebook (of course), then drug myself to the kitchen. For breakfast I had peanut buttery oatmeal. Yummy!!

1/3 c. oatmeal, Peanut butter & Co. White Chocolate PB, 1/4 c. fiber one cereal

Today is going to be filled with laundry, cleaning, and working on wedding fans and programs. Not my favorite way to spend a summer day Saturday but it’s kinda cloudy here and I plan on going to visit family this week one day/night so I need to get some things done. Hope you all have a more fun filled Saturday than I do!! Happy Weekend!